2016 Super Air Nautique 210

                                 EXTERIOR | INTERIOR

EXTERIOR: Armored in elegance the Super Air Nautique 210 blends iconic design with modern surfaces that elevate style at every angle. Extensive gel coat color options for 2016 highlight chiseled features that make this boat a standout on the water.


Since wake-sports set a direction of its own, the Super Air Nautique 210 has plotted the course and evolved every step of the way. Twenty-one feet of independence that has always been truly ours and ours alone, it is a part of our identity on the water. Transformed through each generation to perform, at its core you find the origins of the sport, and the same feeling that keeps all of us moving forward.


We have integrated today’s most advanced technology and design into a boat that continues to have a celebrated following lasting over a decade. The Super Air Nautique 210 creates a wake with perfect transitions and a solid lip for wakeboarding and wakeskating while delivering an amazing wakesurf wave with our Nautique Surf System. Maximize your potential with the optional Pro Wake/Surf Ballast giving you an additional 600 pounds on top of the standard internal 1,150 pounds for more size and push.


All-new for 2016, our JL Audio stereo system delivers a full, crisp studio sound everywhere in the boat. Four JL MX-Series speakers in the cockpit come standard on the Super Air Nautique 210 with the option to upgrade to our MX-Series Premier package adding two additional speakers in the bow along with a 10” subwoofer powered by a JL M600/6 amplifier. Crank up your session behind the boat with the choice of our 6x9 RMA/Focal or premium JL M-Series 7.7” tower speakers.


For 2016 Nautique has partnered with PCM and GM Marine Engine Technology to deliver the all-new H5 and H6 DI engines. The introduction of direct injection combined with variable valve timing in marine powertrains produces significant gains where they count. Feel the difference at the throttle with a perfect combination of horsepower and torque tuned specifically for performance that further improves your Nautique boat.


The Super Air Nautique 210 hull delivers everything you love about this legend on the water while integrating new technology and features to make it better than ever. The Nautique Surf System is integrated into the design of the hull giving you the ability to fully customize the surf wave and transfers to either side in seconds with the boat evenly weighted.


The world’s most customizable surf system has been stepped up for 2016 with 3x faster deployment and more control than ever before. The Nautique Surf System is integrated in the hull and specifically-designed for each Super Air Nautique boat. Using our WAVEPLATE® technology, the NSS gives surfers the ability to create a wave on either side of the boat instantly without the need to offload ballast or people. When deployed, the WAVEPLATE extends outward and down from the transom intercepting and redirecting the flow of water to clean up the opposite wake and form a surf wave like no other boat. This not only gives you the ability to form a wave on either side instantly, but also allows for wave customization with variable intensity settings that adjust wave steepness and shape by controlling exactly how much the plate is engaged.





The future of customized wakesurfing control has arrived with the all-new Nautique Surf Select. Put control into the hands of the surfer with the Nautique Surf Switch for one-touch transfers exactly when the surfer desires. For total customization, the Nautique Surf Select app for the Pebble™ watch features the ability to display and control the Zero Off Speed Control, NSS, stereo track and volume while allowing surfers to transfer the wave instantly or at a three-second countdown. Nautique Surf Select is the only system on the market with positive feedback from the helm displayed right on your watch keeping your current settings in view at all times.


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