Timeless “Lifestyle Ownership Service”

The complete service for your leisure, entertainment and relaxation time

Timeless “Lifestyle Ownership Service”

Beyond the Millionaire’s dream: a boat of your own, ready when you need it!

Purchase only the time you will use; total enjoyment at the fraction of normal ownership costs.

Avoid the significant service costs of boat charter. This is the new way to enjoy your own boat; both a rewarding and highly efficient way to use your valuable resources. Relax, forget your troubles and enjoy life!

A fixed all-inclusive price for three years use: your new, luxury dream boat to share with family and friends – fully managed with all ownership costs covered*… just turn up and use your own boat!

All vessels are purchased brand new and only used for three years. You also receive a proportionate share of the vessel’s resale value after this period.

Remember, every package can be shared between any numbers of family members of friends. Prices start from ~£13 per month (per person, in group of three) for a three year jet ski arrangement.