Booking and Other Terms & Conditions

Timeless Boats Ibiza (TBI) is a registered trading name for Timeless Jet Ski Ibiza S.L.

All bookings are confirmed on the condition that the client or client’s agent accepts all Terms and Conditions described here and that all persons taking part in a Timeless Boats Ibiza (TBI) cruise or associated activity agree to comply in particular with all safety conditions contained herein.

All Timeless Boats Ibiza CRUISES will be booked either online or with email or other assistance directly with TBI. All deposits and other payments will be made directly to TBI either online or by separate payment to TBI.

Timeless Boats Ibiza also provide an AGENCY BOAT RENTAL service to clients for independent boat rental. All TBI terms and conditions apply to such rentals and may be supplemented by additional conditions as proposed and accepted at time of purchase as required by the owner of the vessel.

All other BOAT RENTALS as shown on the web site with assistance from TBI via email or other communications. The client will be made aware of any changes to terms and conditions by means of such communications. Any deposit or other payment schedule will be agreed directly with the client. This may involve separate direct balance payment(s) to the owner of the vessel.

Online Booking System & Payment

All online payment transactions are collected and processed through Stripe, using 3D data security. 

Customer data is taken only as required by the payment system for a single authorised payment transaction and will not be used for any other purpose or transferred to any other party for any other purpose.

To confirm a booking, we require a 50% non-refundable deposit. Payment can be made by the online booking system with credit or debit card. Final payment of the balance outstanding must be made at least ONE WEEK prior to the booked charter date unless confirmed otherwise by email.

Booking online includes a facility to apply agreed codes which may be provided by Timeless Boats Ibiza as a promotional or special offer. Discounts or codes cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers unless agreed specifically by email. Email confirmation by TBI is required for any offer or code to be valid.

If a client has any difficulty making an online booking, Timeless Boats Ibiza are available to assist by personal email or telephone assistance.

On request, payment can also be made by PayPal or by either online or local branch bank transfer.

Prices and Confirmation of Booking

Timeless Boats Ibiza makes every effort to maintain accuracy of information on the current web pages, however it is possible that inconsistencies may arise especially with older versions of documents and whilst changes are being made. Prices shown on the web pages must be confirmed by email if there is any apparent inconsistency. Any specifically required activity or product offer or detail must be confirmed or clarified by email. TBI reserve the right to amend, add or delete any component of a cruise which is not confirmed by email.

Bookings made directly with the online booking system will be accepted at the prices shown in the online booking system.

Prices and final offer conditions quoted by email will be valid for bookings made, and deposit paid, within the agreed time period of the offer. All offers and quotations are valid for a period of 30 days and should be reconfirmed when booking after this period has elapsed.

A booking is only secured when a deposit or other agreed payment is received and confirmed by Timeless Boats Ibiza bank or other payment agency (eg Stripe or PayPal). Until this is received, any provisional booking may be removed without notice and the time allocation made available for other clients.

Booking confirmation...following payment received of deposit or other agreed amount, a full detailed booking confirmation will be sent, normally by email, and the client is strongly advised to check these details which include meeting instructions. Any apparent divergence from agreed details should be immediately brought to the attention of Timeless Boats Ibiza to provide a chance to rectify any inconsistencies. Any changes agreed will be adjusted on the booking confirmation which will then be reissued. These details are then used to ensure the cruise provided on the day complies with the agreed conditions.

Other Booking Conditions

The lead client or individual making a charter booking will be asked to send a photo or photocopy of their Passport details or Identity card to comply with Spanish charter regulations. This is required for all cruises and applies to the lead person attending the cruise. This can be provided as a mobile phone photo of the relevant personal image page and sent by email attachment (preferred method to minimise delays on the day) or taken on the day by photocopy.

Vouchers and Offers

All vouchers and offers sent or published at any time are valid only for the time period indicated or in any case strictly limited to the season (year) during which it was sent or published. If any condition is unclear for any reason, the customer, client or agent must contact TBI for written clarification. No voucher may be used in conjunction with any other offer and our considered email written clarification of any offer will be final.

Cancellations & Changes

Deposits taken at time of booking are non-refundable, however deposits taken may be transferable to alternative bookings rescheduled within the same season up to ONE MONTH prior to the booked charter date subject to availability. Timeless Boats Ibiza will make every effort to comply with client's request for changes up to the date of the cruise, but cannot guarantee availability. Cancellations made at least six months prior to the cruise date will be eligible for refund of 80% of the deposit paid, with 20% being retained to cover administration costs and banking charges.

Full final payment of any balance outstanding may either be made at time of booking or at the latest ONE WEEK before the scheduled charter date unless otherwise confirmed by email.

No refunds will be made for clients who fail to show up for the booked charter.

No refunds will be made for late arrivals, however the boat(s) will remain available for use up to the scheduled end time of the arranged charter, subject to any alternative itinerary as may be necessary during the remaining time available.

Changes requested up to ONE WEEK prior to departure will be arranged subject to availability only.

In the event of cancellations or changes made by Timeless Boats Ibiza due to unsafe weather conditions or due to any other reason within or beyond the control of the company, TBI will make every effort to reschedule an alternative charter or itinerary within the period the client remains in Ibiza. If no reasonable alternative time is acceptable, TBI will offer a full refund of monies paid at the discretion of the company. 

Any refund is strictly limited to any monies paid to date only and no other compensation payment will be considered for any reason.

Timeless Boats Ibiza do not accept responsibility for any inconvenience or consequential loss due to late return or for any other reason. Cruise participants are advised to allow time for delays or to arrange insurance to cover losses or additional costs resulting from cancellation or delays to any TBI cruise or other associated activity.

Food & Other Provisions

Food and restaurant costs are not included with the charter price. Timeless Boats Ibiza can advise on your order for food and other provisions which are supplied by various providers. Representative prices are available to help clients reserve their selection at time of booking or AT LATEST 24 hours before departure. This is necessary to ensure restaurants and other providers can supply booked products and services if arranged with your charter.

Refreshments which are provided as included within the charter package may be supplemented by drink or food purchased independently by the client under the following strict conditions:

A reasonable amount of additional alcohol may be taken on board for personal consumption only during the cruise and the Timeless Boats Ibiza staff, including the captain in particular, has the full authority to restrict excessive consumption of any alcoholic beverages if it considered necessary in the interests of safety of any person on board or any third party. All clients are respectfully requested to accept this condition as condition of boarding any vessel chartered or provided through TBI.

No refreshments or food may be taken on board which in the opinion of TBI staff are likely to cause staining or other damage to any property. In particular this includes red wine or other coloured drinks.

Food and drink taken on board must be consumed responsibly with particular attention to general safety and the need for cleaning of the vessel after any cruise. TBI staff reserve the right to advise clients on food and alcohol, and any food or drink taken aboard must be agreed in advance with TBI staff to ensure compliance with cleaning and safety considerations.

Safety Terms & Customer Declaration

Timeless Boats Ibiza takes no responsibility for any personal injury, loss or damage caused in any way during the charter and any associated activities. All boating or watersports activities involve an element of risk. Risks include injury, illness, death from drowning, exposure, sunburn, sunstroke or accident in addition to risk of loss or damage to personal property. Clients making any booking or participating in any TBI cruise or activity are agreeing to all terms and conditions herein and take full personal responsibility for any injury or loss sustained and are advised strongly to check that their own personal insurance covers such activities.

More details of the risks involved and their management is also available on request.

The staff and management at Timeless Boats Ibiza take all practicable steps to identify and minimize potential dangers. However, all clients must agree to follow our instructions and use the safety equipment responsibly and as may be instructed at all times. Adults accompanying any person under the age of 18 must ensure that the underage person follows our instructions at all times. It is a condition of charter that all clients must release from and indemnify Timeless Boats Ibiza and our staff against any liability we may incur to anyone else, which may result from failure for clients or any person accompanying clients under the age of 18 to act responsibly and follow instructions.

Timeless Boats Ibiza reserve the right to withdraw any person who in our judgement is likely to endanger themselves or others. Timeless Boats Ibiza also reserve the right to cancel or terminate any activity if we become concerned for any reason for client safety or that of any other person.

Whilst on board any vessel, the captain has full authority for any decisions regarding the use of the vessel and in particular all aspects of safety.

Use of JetSkis with Timeless Boats Ibiza Charters

All JetSkis are chartered at the full risk of the client, however Timeless Boats Ibiza take appropriate steps to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all persons using these craft and other water users. For these reasons TBI must apply the following conditions for all clients:

Timeless Boats Ibiza may provide use of 3-seater JetSkis which can each take no more than two clients with a qualified instructor. The instructor will be included with each JetSki as chartered by the client. These craft are top of the range, powerful Yamaha skis and must be used with due care and attention at all times. They may only be driven solo by individuals who can show the locally recognised and current licences, eg RYA Personal Water Craft AND International Certificate of Competence (PWC). Clients are only able to drive solo if they can show these current licences and can demonstrate to the instructor that they are fit and able at all times to handle the craft safely and with due consideration to others.

The instructor will remain on board at all times when the JetSki is being used, but will, at his discretion, allow clients to drive the ski if they wish after a short period of basic safety and operational training. Up to two clients may thus share the ride with either the instructor driving, or driving with the instructor on board as a passenger. The safety cutout cord will be used as appropriate at all times that the craft is powered up.

IMPORTANT...due to safety requirements, the instructor or other Timeless Boats Ibiza staff member has full authority to decide whether any client is fit and able to use or drive the JetSki.

Clients using the JetSkis must at all times be able to demonstrate that they are not under the influence of drugs or alcohol when driving the ski, even with the instructor on board. The instructor will allow clients as passengers unless in his opinion they are unfit for any reason, in particular due to excessive influence of alcohol. Use of the JetSki is totally at the discretion of the qualified instructor who may stop a client using a ski if it becomes clear to him that they are no longer fit or able to use the craft with due safety and consideration to others.

Damage to the Vessel or Equipment

Timeless Boats Ibiza make every attempt to maintain the boats and equipment in top condition for the fullest possible enjoyment of all charter clients. The boats are checked for damage before and after every charter and a log kept of relevant items.

If any significant damage is done to the vessel or TBI property due to negligence or failure to comply with instructions, we will have to make an appropriate charge.

SPECIAL NOTICE...smoking on board is restricted strictly to the aft swim platform ONLY. Any burn damage to internal upholstery will result in a charge for full replacement cost of the item as repair is not normally possible for such items.


Boat Sales

Any vessels sold by Timeless Jet Ski S.L. are sold as seen.

All contracts issued by the Seller (Timeless Jet Ski S.L.) to the Purchaser are deemed as accepted by the Purchaser if not signed or amended within 15 days of issue. If no signature is received from the Purchaser, all terms outlined within the issued contract will be deemed as accepted and to be adhered to.

Any contracted or agreed work, modifications or maintenace with the sale will be carried out after full payment has been received.

If any contracted payment is not received on time of its due date the sale contract will be terminated.

Any vessel for sale remains the property of the Seller until full payment has been received. Payment shall be deemed to have been made when the Seller has received cleared funds at their bank.

Title of the boat(s) or vessel(s) will pass to the Purchaser upon full payment of the Contract Price to the Sellers. The Sellers will thereupon provide the Purchaser with all relevant documentation and a receipted VAT/IVA invoice, where applicable. 


If the Purchaser fails to pay the Deposit or balance as agreed then the Seller shall immediately be entitled to readvertise the vessel for sale and to resell the vessel (or any part of it which is readily removable and which is separately priced in the Inventory such as outboard engine, trailer, launch trolley or equipment).

The Seller may charge the Purchaser interest on the amount outstanding at 6% over the Bank of England or bank of residency (whichever is the greater) base rate calculated from the date upon which the payment was due until the date on which it is actually received or the vessel is resold.

The Agreement shall be terminated by resale to a third party or, at the Sellers’ option may be terminated after 15 days’ delay on the part of the Purchaser in making payment. On termination under this statement the Seller shall be entitled to claim from the Purchaser any losses, interest and damage which they have sustained as a result of the resale or delay in payment due to them, and to hereby retain any deposit which the Purchaser has paid  as compensartion for reasonable losses. 

Any deposit or other payment which has been received is taken as agreement to these terms and conditions and is non-refundable.


Additional Terms and Conditions for Agency Bookings or Referrals: 

Timeless Boats Ibiza is a high value brand name and we believe all partner Agencies will find this helpful with securing potential clients who seek an enjoyable boating experience. In return, TBI will make every attempt to work cooperatively and in the mutual interest of all Agency partners and their clients.

Any bookings made will be managed by Timeless Boats Ibiza, with online booking and payment made by the Agency.

A minimum deposit of 50% is required at time of booking. This is non-refundable unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Full or final payment must be made 4 weeks before departure. Failure to do this will expose the time slot for rebooking.

Agreed commission rate is automatically applied at time of Agency booking. This avoids need to reimburse commission. Your company code authorises the agreed Agency commission rate for external client bookings only. Commission codes must not be used for personal or internal company use. Timeless Boats Ibiza require the Agency to contact TBI directly for agreement on any such private arrangements.

Full details of clients including mobile or other direct contact telephone number for lead client, required activities and other provisions must be booked online before an Agency charter will be accepted by Timeless Boats Ibiza. Referred clients making their own booking must provide these same details for a booking to be confirmed by TBI.

Timeless Boats Ibiza operate as a branded name provider of top class private boat charters, and as such all clients must be made fully aware that Timeless Boats Ibiza are providing the experience they will enjoy.

Any Timeless Boats Ibiza charter arranged by the Timeless Boats Ibiza Agent which may require or includes any other vessel not provided by Timeless Boats Ibiza must be disclosed and agreed with TBI before such a booking will be accepted.