Its A Family Affair! (Design Your Own Day)

Its A Family Affair! (Design Your Own Day)

January 15, 2016

Last year we had a huge influx in family interest in our charters so we set out to make sure that 2016 brings a whole new level of relaxing and memorable family time...


Memories are made of this! Let us help you design a personalised cruise for that special day out with family or friends!  Our experienced and friendly team at Timeless will ensure your cruise comes together for a truly unforgettable time aboard.  Including stop off's at Es Vedra or Isla Margarita!  Experience some of Ibiza's hidden gems....


Es Vedra -

This enchanting rocky island lies off the south west tip of Ibiza. Many myths and legends surround Es Vedra. It is a famous magnetic anomaly and a designated nature reserve with massive cliffs rising out of the sea. Include a swim/snorkel stop at Atlantis Cove on the way to this magical destination.


Isla Margarita -

We approach Isla Margarita to the north of San Antonio, with its wide rocky archway resembling the mouth of an Aztec face. Passing carefully through, we enter a crystal clear cove, an isolated site approachable only by sea. This stretch is ideal for watersports with its stunning surroundings...perfect for photos with majestic cliffs all around. Or just chill out and take a dip in Cala Salada on our way back.


There really is something to suit every family member of ALL ages!

  • All cruise boats come with fully qualified driver/host
  • This west coast of Ibiza shows our stunning coastline at it very best
  • Wakeboarding or waterskiing (all equipment and instruction provided)
  • Try something new...wakesurfing or wakeskating!
  • Inflatable rides in fabulous scenery
  • Add a JetSki (or two) for some extra fun! *
  • Snorkeling & swimming
  • Chill out & sunbathe on your own luxury boat
  • Secluded coves and fabulous views
  • ONE drinks package included as selected (see below)
  • Es Vedra or Isla Margarita options (see below) *
  • We can also arrange a lunch table at the best beach restaurants


 For an unforgettable and truly unique day out, try our Design Your Own Day!