A Timeless Love Story (Sunset Plus)

A Timeless Love Story (Sunset Plus)

January 15, 2016

Timeless Boat Charters really will tailor each trip to your personal needs. In this case….we tailored the trip to romance..

This very special couple, decided to book a trip to Ibiza for some sun, sea and romance. Little did the girlfriend know, that her boyfriend had a very special surprise for her.

Arriving at the marina for 6pm….he surpised her with their own boat for the evening… stocked with her favourite sushi and bubbly. The captain began their cruise to some of the most beautiful spots in Ibiza, in comfort and luxury.   As the boat smoothly cruised….the couple enjoyed their chapagne and strawberries, taking in the scene as they went. As the boat slowed…and the captain chose a private spot to moor…they began to witness the iconic Ibiza sunset at its very best. The glistening red water reflecting the enourmous setting sun, peaceful and beautiful. A perfect time to pop that special question…….

Timeless Have Many Love Stories...So whether it’s a special surprise for that special someone, a proposal or just the private highlight of your trip with your friends! Memories are made of this!

After an evening cruise along our stunning coastline, you can choose a secluded spot to enjoy your very own private sunset viewing.

The rest is up to you...