Thank You To Timeless (Hen Do Cruise)

Thank You To Timeless (Hen Do Cruise)

January 15, 2016

Here at Timeless, we are SO proud of the service we offer....we wanted to share some of our customers thoughts on our charters with you.....


Starting with a 'Thank You To Timeless' For An Unforgettable Hen Do......From Ewelina.

I just wanted to contact you directly to thank you for the wonderful experience you gave me and my friends.  From the moment we boarded the boat, we had so much fun.  Adam, the Captain, was fantastic.  He took us to a gorgeous cove to swim and enjoy the sun, whilst enjoying the champagne and sushi!  The music playing and the clear water was incredible!  Ive never experienced anything like that.  The jet ski was bought to us as a surprise, to use and enjoy.  I hadn't ever ridden one before, so I will never forget that!  Leaving the cove, our 2 boats raced in tandem.  It was the perfect photo op!   I felt so privileged to get to watch the sunset from our own private, front row seats.  Once it got dark, our captain Adam switched on the blue lights underneath the boat.  It lit up the water under the boat so clearly we could see down to the bottom!  


The music on, bubbly flowing, we swam, danced and I genuinely had the time of my life.  Timeless had then organised a VIP reservation for us once they had dropped us back to the Marina.  I can't thank you enough.  I couldn't of asked for a better hen do.  I will definitely be back next season!!!